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    Meet your Pharmacist. Maurice Waldman has been serving the people of Chelmsford for over 35 years as a pharmacist. His vast knowledge and wealth of experience enabled him to become one of the view Pharmacists in the area to achieve Independent Prescriber status. This means that Mr Waldman is able to consult with patients, diagnose and dispense drugs were appropriate.

Travel Advice

Travel Advice

Travel Vaccinations At Apple Tree Pharmacy Chelmsford

Services include:

Travel Vaccinination Clinic / Typhoid / Hepatitis A + B / Anti malarial drugs / Malarone 2.50 per tablet.

But there are alternatives:

Short or long term from 10p a day. We Can write out a prescription for your travel needs. Competitive priced drugs and inexpensive alternatives to advertised prophylactives. Useful for long term stays overseas.

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