Hayfever injection service

Do you suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis (commonly known as hay fever).

At Apple Tree Pharmacy, we can offer treatments if regular over the counter products are proving ineffective.

  1. Option one: Book a private consultation for prescription strength antihistamines (these are stronger than the antihistamines purchased over the counter) or prescription strength nasal spray. (consultation charge of £15 where a prescription is supplied for dispensing at a pharmacy of your choice. Apple Tree Pharmacy can dispense the private script for an additional private free)
  2. Option two: If you have tried all the options for treatment including prescription strength antihistamines with little to no effect, book in for a hayfever injection treatment.


What is the hay fever injection?

The treatment uses a high strength steroid called, Triamcinolone acetonide (also known as Kenalog®) a prescription only medicine. Our prescribing pharmacist will need to first asses the suitability before it is prescribed and administered.

Where is it administered?

The intramuscular injection is administered in the upper outer thigh area.

What are the side effects?

The main side effects include:

  • Redness/swelling at injection site
  • There is a risk of fat loss at the injection site (leaving a dimple), this occurs over time and will resolve in time.
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Weight gain
  • Water retention

Who is not suitable for this treatment?

There are a few medical conditions that may worsen if treated with Kenalog®. The pharmacist will discuss this if this is flagged up from your consultation form.

Kenalog treatment cannot be given if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy in the next 6 months or if you are breast feeding.

How can I book or enquire?

For a private consultation with the prescribing pharmacist for prescription strength antihistamines or nasal sprays please call the pharmacy on 01245 467612 to book an appointment (£15 fee)

If you wish to have the hay fever injection, please fill in the consultation form and the pharmacist will assess and call you to discuss the treatment and book an appointment for the injection.

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