Meningitis B vaccines essex

Meningitis B

Dear parents and guardians, 

The meningitis B vaccine will be available from June 2016. We are currently working our way through the waiting list and will be touch soon if your childs’ name is on our list. We will be opening up our bookings to all others as soon as we have cleared our list. Please check our website for further updates. 
The price for our vaccine is £120 per injection. 

As you know there is currently a lot of media coverage around the meningitis B vaccine (Bexsero), this vaccine is only manufactured by GSK (GalaxoSmithKline), for which there is currently a supply problem due to high demands since December 2015. 

We are therefore unable to take on any new patients to vaccinate at this current time. We hope that this will be resolved in the coming months. We do have a waiting list which has now had to be closed due to the high numbers. We recommend that in the interim please make yourselves aware of the signs and symptoms for Meningitis which can be found on the following link to NHS Choices 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any concerns or advice and please keep checking our website for updates on this matter. 

Kind regards the Apple Tree Pharmacy team.