Weight Loss Programme


We are pleased to offer a weight loss programme

It is called Lipotrim and we can guarantee the loss of 1 stone per month in weight.

Programme is medically certified and once only available through the GP is now available through selected pharmacies.

We are the only pharmacy currently in the surround areas to offer the programme.

Lipotrip can be used safely by type 2 diabetics and can result is in completely stopping their diabetic tablets if they are successful.

Works as a total food replacement programme: prices are £40 for a 7 day supply for women,£55 per week for men flavours include strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshake and a chicken soup (all suitable for vegetarians) peanut and coconut flapjacks

Women: 3 sachets a day (eg. morning, such and dinner) total calories 500 per day

Men: 2 sachets a day (morning and dinner) total calories 600 per day

For full information visit the Lipotrim website – www.lipotrim.co.uk and watch the video (ensure adobe is up to date) which can befound on the main page near the bottom. alternatively customers can borrow the DVD from the pharmacy.


Please reference the BMI Chart below: