Travel Vaccinations At Apple Tree Pharmacy Chelmsford

    At Apple Tree Pharmacy we can provide you with a comprehensive check for all your travel needs from travel injection required and administered in a addition to prescribing antimalarials for those travellers entering endemic areas.

    We like to provide competitive prices so please give us a call to find out more.

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    prices may vary according to manufacturers availability.

    Each Shot Course
    Cholera £30 £55
    Hepatitis A £45
    Hepatitis A Paediatric £45
    Hepatitis B £45 £125
    Hepatitis A + Typhoid £70
    Japanese Encephalitis  £85 £165
    MMR £50 £95
    Meningitis ACWY £60
    Meningitis B £125
    Rabies £65 £185
    Tetanus Diptheria Polio £45
    Typhoid  £45
    Shingles  £160
    Chicken Pox £65 £115
    Yellow Fever £80
    Paediactric Hep A+B £70