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Private Pharmacist Independent PrescriberPrivate Pharmacist Independent Prescriber

Private Pharmacist Independent Prescriber

Call to arrange a consultation with our pharmacist prescriber. Consultations start from £10.

Our History

Mr Maurice Anthony Waldman

Pharmacist Superintendent and Independent Private Prescriber

Maurice waldman

Maurice Waldman has nearly 40 years experience as a pharmacist, and has been serving the people of Chelmsford for the past 35 years.

His vast knowledge and wealth of experience enabled him to become one of the view Pharmacists in the area to achieve Independent Prescriber status.

This means that Mr Waldman is able to consult with patients, diagnose and dispense drugs were appropriate.

“I really love what I do, there has not been a single day when I have not looked forward to going to work.” Mr Waldman said “Being able to speak to my patients and offer them first hand help is why I became a pharmacist” he added.

Our History


The First store on Ongar Road opened in 1977.

Mr Waldman will perhaps be best remembered for being the first pharmacist to open his shop 365 days a year, not to mention his miraculous cough-busting potion Uncle Mo’s Bronchial Mixture. Since he began as an apprentice to pharmacist Barry Shooter MBE in 1975, Mr Waldman says life as a chemist has changed dramatically.

“In the early days we would mix our own medicines, but that doesn’t happen any more. People would come in with a recipe and we would mix it for them. That’s what made me take it up; I was very interested in the whole concept of making things from first principles. I miss that because it’s why I went into it, but I have moved with the profession. However, he added: “When modern things are not quite working, they do always fall back on the old-fashioned nostrums.”

A mixture that has survived is Uncle Mo’s Bronchial Mixture, which Mr Waldman says people travel from as far away as London to buy. ”They say it’s the only thing that works for very tough coughs,” he said.

Expiry dates and a raft of other health and safety measures have overhauled the pharmacy world and the introduction of computers brought about the end of hand-written labels and the birth of patient files. Mr Waldman said the role of a pharmacist has expanded beyond the shop, with chosen dispensers not only making customer visits but also carrying out general welfare checks at the homes of vulnerable people.

Now a Pharmacy and Clinic, Waldman’s perform diagnostics, carry out health check, consult and prescribe and administer immunisations and vaccinations.