Flu Jabs Essex

Apple Tree Pharmacy offer Flu Jabs from just £12.50

Protect yourself and your children from’ Flu

Influenza Vaccine (walk in ad via appointments) Flu continues to be a yearly seasonal risk. Here at Apple Tree Pharmacy we like to offer our patients the most effective and safest vaccines available.  This vaccine is licensed for children from aged 3 years (36 months) old up to all ages of adult. If your child is under 9 years and has not previously been vaccinated against flu, a second dose will be required after at least 4 weeks. We also offer a nasal vaccine for children called Fluenz. It is a safe live vaccine but some special groups cannot take it. Please discuss this with Bharvi when you come in.

Adults – The injectable vaccine. £12.50 per dose.

Children –  3 years and over (previously immunised against flu) One dose £12.50 

Children –  3-9 years old who have never been immunised against flu before two doses one month apart £12.50 per dose.


The nasal Fluenz vaccine. Usually one dose – £30. As it is a live vaccine (unlike the injections) it cannot be given within four weeks of another live vaccine, such as MMR. (Availability of the nasal vaccines is dependant on supplies from manufacturer)

Children aged 9 – 17 years old who have never been immunised against flu before A choice of either injectable (upper arm ) or nasal spray.