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At Apple Tree Pharmacy we us the CryoPen™ to offer cryotherapy as a safe, fast and effective treatment for removing skin imperfections.



Apple Tree Aesthetics are now offering non-surgical anti-aging treatments to enhance your natural beauty, carried out by our team of fully qualified professionals.



At Apple Tree Pharmacy we can take care of all your travel vaccination requirements. Contact us to book your appointment. Antimalarials can be written up and purchased.

Private Pharmacist Independent PrescriberPrivate Pharmacist Independent Prescriber

Private Pharmacist Independent Prescriber

Call to arrange a consultation with our pharmacist prescriber. Consultations start from £10.

Talcum powder linked to cancer

Using talcum powder regularly appears to increase a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer by almost a quarter, reports The Guardian. Millions of women are believed to use talcum powder – which is made from a soft mineral called hydrous magnesium silicate – for reasons of intimate personal hygiene. Scientists have long been concerned about the minute particles travelling into the body, and becoming embedded in the ovaries, causing a kind of inflammation that allows cancer cells to flourish. However, previous studies into a possible link have been inconclusive. For the latest research, a team at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston conducted a meta-analysis of eight studies, involving nearly 20,000 women, around 8,500 of whom had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The results showed that regularly applying the powder after bathing or showering raised the cancer risk by 24%. However, they stressed that the possible danger applied only to using talc around the genitals, not elsewhere on the body.


Source: The Week Android edition


Travel Advice

Travel Vaccinations At Apple Tree Pharmacy Chelmsford

Services include:

Travel Vaccinination Clinic / Typhoid / Hepatitis A + B / Anti malarial drugs / Malarone 2.50 per tablet.

But there are alternatives:

Short or long term from 10p a day. We Can write out a prescription for your travel needs. Competitive priced drugs and inexpensive alternatives to advertised prophylactives. Useful for long term stays overseas.

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